Good Bones Studio

A snowy, small town coffee company offering educational roasting classes.

Building an online presence for the next generation of cyber guardians.

Rebrand and web design to support mobile teams and elevate employee morale.

A thirty title series of cover designs for Penguin Random House reimagining Stephen King’s most popular works.

Penguin Random House Argentina approached us to illustrate and design the covers of Stephen King’s most memorable works.

Stand out packaging and branding for an internationally recognized coffee roaster.

With more than 16 years working in specialty coffee, Gabriel Boscana came to us with a dream to start Máquina Coffee and roast only the highest quality beans.

Finding identity for a team dedicated to iteration and experimentation.

Cro Metrics initially reached out to us for a simple logo redesign, but through our brand discovery we identified other solutions for their company name and branding strategy.

Beverage rebrand for shelf presence and healthy consumers.

Origin Almond approached us to refresh their brand for a more health conscious consumer while making their packaging as bright and tasty as their product.

Good Bones Studio

We build brands for consumer and technology clients.

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